Six Great Places to Eat in Leicester

written by
Rebecca Gonzales
on 14 March 2024

Leicester, UK, offers a diverse and vibrant dining scene, with a variety of restaurants to suit every palate. Here are six great places to eat in Leicester, along with reviews and descriptions:


1. Steak & Lounge Restaurant

Rating: 4.6 (800 reviews)

Address: 43 Abbey St, Leicester, LE1 3TE, United Kingdom

Description: This restaurant is known for its excellent steaks and a relaxed, inviting atmosphere. The menu offers a wide selection of high-quality steaks and other dishes, making it a top choice for steak enthusiasts.

Website: Steak & Lounge Restaurant
Telephone: 0116 262 2666
Email: [email protected]
Social Media:


2. OGGI Italian Restaurant

Rating: 4.6 (653 reviews)

Address: 161 London Rd, Leicester, LE2 1EG, United Kingdom

Description: OGGI Italian Restaurant is celebrated for its authentic Italian cuisine and a cosy, romantic ambience. The restaurant's menu features a variety of traditional Italian dishes, making it an ideal choice for a special evening

Website: OGGI Simply Italian
Telephone: 0116 254 5376
Email: [email protected]
Social Media:  OGGI Simply Italian | Leicester | Facebook


3. Bistrot Pierre - Leicester

Rating: 4.4 (1165 reviews)

Address: 8-10 Millstone Ln, Leicester, LE1 5JN, United Kingdom

Description: Bistrot Pierre offers a delightful French dining experience with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant's menu features a range of classic French dishes, and the charming setting makes it a popular choice for both casual and special occasions

Website: French Restaurant in Leicester | Bistrot Pierre
Telephone: 0116 298 5864
Email: [email protected]
Social Media:  Bistrot Pierre | Facebook



4. Restaurant263

Rating: 4.7 (74 reviews)

Address: 76 Highcross St, Leicester, LE1 4NN, United Kingdom

Description: Restaurant263 is known for its modern and innovative approach to British cuisine. The restaurant's menu showcases creative and beautifully presented dishes, and the stylish ambience adds to the overall dining experience

Website: Restaurant263
Telephone: 04 7983 915264
Email: [email protected]
Social Media:  Restaurant 263 | Facebook



5. Casa Romana

Rating: 4.6 (680 reviews)

Address: 5 Albion St, Leicester, LE1 6GD, United Kingdom

Description: Casa Romana is a charming Italian restaurant known for its delicious food and friendly service. The restaurant's menu features a variety of traditional Italian dishes, and the cosy atmosphere makes it a favourite among locals and visitors alike

Telephone: 0116 254 1174
Email: [email protected]
Social Media:  Casa Romana Restaurant | Leicester | Facebook



6. The Olive - Greek Street Food

Rating: 4.5 (456 reviews)

Address: 29 Belvoir St, Leicester, LE1 6SL, United Kingdom

Description: The Olive offers an authentic Greek dining experience with a menu featuring a variety of delicious Greek street food. The restaurant's casual and inviting setting makes it a great choice for those looking to enjoy flavorful Greek cuisine.

These restaurants offer a diverse range of culinary experiences, from traditional Italian and French cuisine to modern British and Greek street food. Whether you're in the mood for gourmet steaks, authentic Italian fare, or flavorful Greek dishes, Leicester has something to satisfy every palate.

Website: The Olive - Greek Street Food
Telephone: 0116 255 2217
Email: [email protected]
Social Media:  The Olive - Greek Street Food | Leicester | Facebook





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